Tank Trouble 4

Tank Trouble 4 Tank Trouble 4 We add this game from tank trouble web site because game is very mix. Right and left arrow keys to move tank, up and down arrow keys are set angle. Page up, page down is set your bullet power. Press space bar to fire. Q and E swiches to select your weapon. You can regulate this settings on game page. Tank duello game look like real tank it is very enjoylable and different tank game. Game aim is destroy other tanks you fire it then enemy tank fire you. İf you set your barrel angle and fire power you can destroy other tanks. First you have got one enemy tank but other levels numerous enemy tank war for you. Make tank setting very careful if you can not tank trouble because after your shot enemy tank can destroy your tank trouble for you. This tank war is very big and very important because enemy tanks trying to enter your city. Good luck.



Tank Trouble Tank Trouble
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